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ETC ArcLamp

ETC ArcLamp

When quality light and smooth dimming are your priorities, ArcLamp by ETC is your LED solution. The compact, 4.4 watt LED ArcLamp provides up to 90% energy savings and stepless dimming from 100% to absolute zero and back again - without compromising on aesthetics or light quality. ArcLamp also comes in a Fade to Warm version too!

Check out the below video to learn more and Contact WLC to see a demo of ArcLamp.


CantoUSA Retrofit Fixture

Canto USA's RETRO fixture have a large variety of options that are sure to meet your projects retrofit needs.  Options to replace 150W to 1000W traditional lamps along with a variety of adapters. Your facility can have near perfect LED dimming by just replacing your existing incandescent lamps with the RETRO in a matter of days, not months.

Read the study below and Contact WLC to see a demo of the RETRO!

Wells Fargo Pavilion CantoUSA RETRO Study

Wells Fargo Pavilion (home of Music Circus in Sacramento) wanted to upgrade to LED technology for their houselights.  They wanted the least amount of disruption to the facility and the ability to utilize in house electricians.  The RETRO by CantoUSA was the clear choice and, after some testing, the pavilion moved forward with the project.

The pavilion replaced 84 250W lamps with the RETRO 500 42W phase dimmable fixture.  Below are before and after shots of the space.  The pavilion went from a total of 21,000W of usage to 3,528W with plenty of light to spare.​

Clarté Lighting

Image of a recessed downlight


Retro screw in LED lamp.

Remote Driver

Retro LED lamp

Remote Driver

Retro LED fixture


Made in California, Clarté Lighting strives to create best in class LED lighting features.  Providing specifiers creative solutions to craft visually unique enduring environments that move people.  With a tremendous selection of new construction LED fixtures, Clarté also offers a variety of retrofit solutions for recessed, track, and surface mount fixtures.

Click Here to view Clarté's helpful Wattage Replacement Guide.

Contact WLC to learn more about Clarté Lighitng.

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