Wells Fargo Pavilion CantoUSA Retro Study

Wells Fargo Pavilion (home of Music Circus in Sacramento) wanted to upgrade to LED technology for their houselights.  They wanted the least amount of disruption to the facility and the ability to utilize in house electricians.  The Retro by CantoUSA was the clear choice and after some testing the pavilion moved forward with the project.

The pavilion replaced 84 250W lamps with the Retro 500 42W phase dimmable fixture.  Below are before and after shots of the space.  The pavilion went from a total of 21,000W of usage to 3,528W with plenty of light to spare.

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Chabot College CanoUSA Retro Study

Chabot College's main auditorium wanted to upgrade their house lighting to LEDs.  They had big, 13" cylinders either surface, semi-recessed, or recessed mounted with either 300 or 500 watts lamps.  In total, there were 120 fixtures that needed to be replaced.  The plan was to remove all the old fixtures and install new.  However, control issues (getting data to the fixtures) were a big stumbling block along with the logistics and high cost of removing and replacing the fixtures in an older building.  Then the high dimming performance Retro from CantoUSA came to the market.  A retrofit LED lamp designed for excellent line voltage dimming performance, even at the low end, with high output.


Below are before and after shots of the space.  The facility went from a total of 46,400W of usage to 5,430W.  In addition to the large savings in power consumption, Chabot operates the house lighting at 50% of full value during performances and only using 100% for special events or clean up.  Upon seeing the new install, the Dean of the college thought they had gotten new seats.

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The images were from two different cameras, but the improvement is obvious.

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